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Why Insulation?

Insulation restricts the flow of heat and sound through the walls, ceiling and underfloor. Without home insulation installed, you will lose valuable heat during winter and gain unwanted heat during winter. This often results in higher heating and cooling costs.

Ceiling Insulation

Warm air is lighter than cold air, and tends to rise and escape through the roof. In an uninsulated home, up to 38-42% of heat is actually lost through the ceiling! Insulation is a poor conductor of heat, and therefore acts as a barrier. Ceiling insulation retains the heat inside the house during winter, and stops the heat from entering through the roof during summer. Bay Energy Solutions are currently offering great deals on insulation, making it a cost effective way to reduce your heating bill in the long term.

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Wall Insulation

Walls are another large source where heat is lost or gained, with uninsulated walls losing up to 20-24% of heat. Installing wall insulation will ensure your home is kept warmer during the winter, and cooler during the summer. Privacy is another important factor that wall insulation can help with. Acoustic insulation helps keep noise levels down to a minimum, making your home almost sound proof.

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Underfloor Insulation

An uninsulated underfloor loses up to 12-15% of your home's heat. With underfloor insulation properly installed, you can guarantee a more comfortable home and a smaller energy bill. Underfloor insulation also helps stop drafts of cold or warm air from entering your home through the floor. If your home has an accessible underfloor space, insulation can be installed at a relatively low cost. If you are unsure about accessibility or the current state of your underfloor insulation, get in touch to book a free assessment.

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Ground Vapour Barrier

Ground vapour barrier (or moisture barrier) provides protection against rising damp, moulds & moisture into the subfloor spaces. This ultimately makes the house warmer and drier. On average, 250ml of water can evaporate from 1 square metre of ground in just 24 hours. A house with a high moisture content is therefore colder and often more expensive to heat.

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