Greenstuf & Earthwool Insulation

Products We Use

We provide our customers nothing but the best products. Installing insulation protects from heat loss in winter, and keeps your home cool in summer. At Bay Energy Solutions, we primarily use GreenStuf and Earthwool insulation products.

Polyester Insulation

Polyester insulation is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate fibres, which are made from recycled plastic. This means it is a completely recyclable, effective and eco-friendly insulation option. Like fibreglass insulation, it is also fire resistant and easy to install. Manufactured to provide the highest level of performance, polyester insulation is completely safe, odourless, non-toxic and non-allergenic. It is also unaffected by mould or insects, and possesses great acoustic properties. Bay Energy Solutions uses GreenStuf polyester insulation products by Autex Industries.

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Glasswool Insulation

Glass is a great insulator and resists heat, so it makes sense that glasswool is a popular insulation choice. Manufactured using recycled glass bottles, glasswool products insulation is lightweight, easy to install, and provides exceptional thermal and acoustic performance. As with other popular materials, it is also fire resistant and completely odourless. Another great benefit of glasswool is that it is much easier to handle. Thanks to modern insulation technology, it is super soft and virtually itch free. At Bay Energy Solutions we use Earthwool glasswool products by Knauf Insulation.

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